To be released April 20, 2018, the 8th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy

About The Book

The Story


This book is an adventure, an investigation, and a manhunt. It divulges the real reason for the Deepwater Horizon tragedy and leads the reader toward identifying the people responsible for causing it. It is the story of a rig supervisor on a five-day assignment being scapegoated by his employer, BP, as part of a corrupt deal the company made with the United States Department of Justice. It was a deal that allowed BP to return to business as usual after the worst oil-spill disaster in US history and gave the accountable executives free passes. The narrative moves from the offshore rig to the courtroom, taking the reader on the life-altering journey of Bob Kaluza, an innocent man who was swiftly acquitted, yet carries the scars of being accused of causing the deaths of eleven men and contamination of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Authors

Bob Kaluza joined BP in 1997 as a Drilling Engineer and worked his way up to the position of Well Site Leader, Deepwater—a position that put him in a senior role at Thunder Horse, the largest offshore installation of its kind in the world. Through a combination of serendipity and being a nice guy, he ended up at the Deepwater Horizon four-and-a-half days prior to the blowout.

His early years as a roughneck, driller, and toolpusher laid the foundation for an intimate knowledge of the day-to-day demands on a rig. His academic credentials in engineering and business, coupled with continuing professional education, confirm his qualifications to take a leadership role in a major drilling venture, whether on land or offshore.

Bob was scapegoated as part of a corrupt cooperation-for-leniency deal that BP, which operated Deepwater Horizon, made with the United States Department of Justice. Ultimately, all felony charges were dropped and--after waiting six years to get his days in court--he was also declared not guilty of violating the Clean Water Act. It took the jury less than two hours to render their verdict.

Maryann Karinch is a bestselling non-fiction author, whose 28 books focus primarily on human behavior and lie detection.